What Is One Important Thing That Abraham Lincoln Did

The Achievement of Abraham Lincoln

The Achievement of Abraham Lincoln

What is one important thing that abraham lincoln did? This question is not correct because Abraham Lincoln did many things to the country which brought many changes that we enjoy today. Each of the changes he did has a significant role in the history of the United States. We can’t discuss only one of his achievements and forget the others. For that reason, we have already found the information about him. And, here is the explanation about the 16th President of the United States achievement during his era. There are many of them, and it is difficult to write them all in this one article. Therefore, we have picked the three achievements that he did in the past.

The Civil War

Abraham Lincolns became a president when the country was divided into two big parts, the northern and southern regions. The northern region used the United States as its official name. As for the southern region, they used the Confederate States of America as its official name.

In his era, the war between the northern and southern regions broke out, which is known as the Civil War. Lincoln led the United States to fight against the southern region in this war. He has a mission to unite the entire America under one government. The result was satisfying. He won the Civil War, a long and bloody war. But, finally, the northern regions win the war.

After that, Lincoln declared the Emancipation Proclamation, which was also the force that pushed the northern region to war against the southern regions. The purpose of this proclamation and the war itself was to abolish slavery that many states in the southern region still practiced at that time.

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His success in winning the Civil War is one of the significant achievements of Abraham Lincoln. Furthermore, this event also becomes the catalyst of the next goal that he successfully enacted, which is the slavery abolishment. And, that also becomes the next achievement we will explain to you.

Slavery Abolishment

People still see that Emancipation Proclamation was the point where he successfully abolishes slavery practice. However, that wasn’t true. Before he declared the proclamation after Lincoln won the Civil War, he already applied the no-slavery law in the region he led, which is the northern region. This action also becomes the main reason why the northern region won the war.

Once he abolished this practice, the African-American that lives in the northern region received the right to be a citizen of the United States. It was including the rights to join the effort to defend the country and join the army. And, it brings around 200,000 African-American members of the army to fight in the Civil War. They feel that they own the country. Plus, it is also the effort from them to free their people from the slavery system in the southern region.

From that point, we can easily see a big achievement that Lincoln ever made, which can be said as the first image of the unification that Lincoln was trying to achieve. So, if someone asks you this what is one important thing that abraham lincoln did question you can answer it with this fact. The practice of slavery in the southern region is still running even after the declaration of the Emancipation Proclamation.

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After he won the war and proclaimed that statement and all states were under the Union, many states, especially the border states, are still practicing slavery. However, Lincoln doesn’t give up or stop because of this condition. He keeps trying and struggling to create a country where everyone has equal rights.

What’s Lincoln did also become the force that pushed the legalization or addition of the 13th Amendment. This is the actual law that abolishes slavery from existing in the land of America. Even though racism still exists until today, that moment was the moment when the effort to apply the right equalization started. And, we still fight to apply it completely today, thanks to Lincoln’s effort.

Gettysburg Address

This moment is also another event that we can put into the list of Abraham Lincoln’s achievements, which also could become the best answer for what is one important thing that abraham lincoln did question. This is the speech that he delivered in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania to dedicate the soldier that passed away during the Civil War. He did this speech in the Soldier’s National Cemetery.

This speech seemed not that important. However, the impact was amazing that flared up the movement to unite the nation. In this speech, people also finally understood the goal of what Lincoln fought for. In this speech, there were at least five points that he mentioned.

The first point was the freedom for all citizens in all states of the country. It was related to slavery and maybe, the base of the application of the no-slavery law. The next point he also stated was the unity of all states. Then, he also said about the tribute and honor for the passed away soldiers. In this speech, Lincoln also explains the purpose of the founding of this country. It helps people to understand the importance of the fight. The last thing he put in this speech was the declaration of his determination to make all these goals become reality.

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The content of this speech is well-known. However, many experts still debated the exact words of his speech. But, one thing for sure, the Gettysburg speech was one of the most important achievements Lincoln ever made because it gives the impact of the fight and struggle of the people at that time.


Those are everything that you need to know about the achievement of Abraham Lincoln. He was one of the most important figures in the history of the United States of America. Moreover, that entirely did also affect the application of equality all over the world. So, if someone asks you this question, what is one important thing that abraham lincoln did? You know how to answer them.