What Is One Reason Colonists Came To America

The Reasons that Made Colonist Came to America

What Is One Reason Colonists Came To America

What is one reason colonists came to america? Many of us still have this question inside our mind, when we read about the history of America. People were sacrificing their life to find new land. Moreover, they didn’t know where they would arrive. As we all know, before Columbus found the American continent, no one knew that there is a huge content to the west direction of Europe. But, once he discovered this land, people had a huge interest in visiting this continent. Here, we are going to find more about the reason that makes them move from the land where they birth to the new land that they know what they would find there.

The Colonialism

What Is One Reason Colonists Came To America

However, before we find out the reason the colonists came to America, we need to understand what colonialism is. In short, colonialism is the concept or the principle of a country to extend its authority to other territories. Mostly, they did this for one purpose, which is solving the problem that occurs in their country. For example, if a country has a short supply of food or material, they can colonize other territories to get the resource they need.

If the colonized territory has no people living there, the country that comes to that land can easily claim that land as theirs. After they finish the legal and documentation process, they can use that land like what they want, including taking all its resources or even making a new living place for people to live there. On the other hand, if there is the inhabitant of that land, there are two things that can happen, which is the class between the two groups of people, the invader, and the locals, or the negotiation and take the local as the citizen of the invader country.

From this point, we believe you already know the answer to what is one reason colonists came to america question. In short, the European come to the American continent for solving the problems they were facing in the land where they come from. Thanks to this, we can divide the reasons into four reasons, as follow:

  • Political Reasons

What Is One Reason Colonists Came To America

The first reason is related to the political situation in Europe at that time. Many countries, especially the United Kingdom, tried to prove their power by spreading out their authority across the globe. British were the ones that strongly implemented this plan. They tried to build new colonies in America to get a new source for their country.

To utilize this ideal, they even create a platform for businessmen to develop their business in the new country. One of the most popular and well-known companies in the colonization era was the Virginia Company. This country provided these companies to settle down in America, the land that they called the “New World”.

  • Economic Reasons

What Is One Reason Colonists Came To America

The other reasons for colonization are the economy. In short, these countries tried to increase their wealth. For that reason, they sent many ships and people to the new land of America to get the resource. At that time, gold and silver was a very popular and valuable asset. And, they found these resources in America land in an abundant number. Thus, the adventure to find the precious metal started.

Another economic reason is the hunger for a new business and land. As we mentioned before, the country facilitates the businessmen to develop their company in the new land. However, without the customer, their business wouldn’t be able to run. For this reason, many companies that have established their business in the new land invited people in the European continent to come and start an establishment. This is also a significant point that makes the colonists come to America.

  • Religious Reasons

So, what is one reason colonists came to america besides the political and economic reasons? The answer is religion. Many religious communities in Europe didn’t have enough space to develop their faith and run their religion. The suppression of the church and other bigger religions force them to find a new land where their community can grow. Thus, the American continent becomes the destination of the Pilgrims and Puritans community. They visit the new land, make a community where they can develop their religion, and worship the God they believe with their method. However, the other big religions also came to America to spread their religion and find freedom.

  • Social Reasons

What Is One Reason Colonists Came To America

The social problem also became the main reason why people came to America as a colonist. In Europe, they faced so many difficulties because of the law and rules that limit them to live what they want. Furthermore, poverty and war also force them to seek a new place where they can live safely. After the discovery of the American continent, many of those people decided to go to that new-founded island to start their life, a better life. They believe by visiting and settling in the new land, they also will get new and better opportunities in their life.

  • Health Reasons

Health Reasons

The last one is health reasons. At that time, European countries have faced so many health problems and even plaque that kills thousands and more people. Therefore, to avoid that, people start to move out of the countries where they live. Besides Asia, they also choose America as the place where they can start a new life without worrying about the problem with their health at that time.


What Is One Reason Colonists Came To America

What is one reason colonists came to america? After you read all explanations above, we believe that you can understand the main or one reason why people came to America. Yes, it is to improve their life. It doesn’t matter whether they come as the representation of a country or individual. They have a similar goal, which is finding better land to live, or getting the resource to improve life in their original country. Now, thanks to this colonist, the American continent has developed into the biggest and strongest country in the world.