What Is Pupusa Made Of

Everything You Need to Know about Pupusa, including What it is Made of

What Is Pupusa Made Of

If you are wondering what is pupusa made of, it is advised that you stay around and read this article. Well, what is pupusa actually is? If you are wondering, it is a food which is similar to Indian roti, although the difference between them is quite distinct. Now, let’s read the article to get every knowledge related to this dish!

What is pupusa?

Now, let’s figure out the exact definition of the pupusa. To define pupusa, you will find out that it is a traditional dish originated from the southern part of the continent of America. Although it can be found in the several countries in there, it is commonly attributed to the country of El Salvador. The shape of the dish is round and is usually cooked using a special griddle called comal. By the way, the dish has several relatives, like the gordita and the arepa, the former is a traditional dish of Mexico, while the latter is from Venezuela. While they might seem similar at first glance, you will notice that pupusa is better in terms of taste and nutrition (if made carefully).

So, what is pupusa made of? The answer to that will take a lot of places in this article, but you will not find it in this paragraph. Be patient since it will be answered eventually!

Pupusa in several countries

Well, it has been told that the dish is from Southern America, but it is actually the traditional dish of El Salvador. The dish holds an important status there, both culturally and economically. It has been around for centuries, even before the modern country of El Salvador was founded. To be fair, there have been several pieces of research which indicated that pupusa has been eaten for almost two thousand years ago, although its popularity was isolated, it was only known in the area where the Pipil tribes used to live, which is modern-day El Salvador. The pupusa was not widespread until the 60’s.

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There was a huge migration happened in El Salvador in the 1960’s, and thanks to that, pupusa found its way around the country, as well as several countries neighboring it. You can find it in Costa Rica too, and several dishes similar to pupusa can be found in Colombia, Mexico, and Venezuela. However, most of the pupusa found there are somewhat different. What is pupusa made of in those countries? Well, the ingredients of Costa Rican pupusa are similar to the El Salvador one, but strikingly different compared the Colombian, Mexican, and Venezuelan ones.

With the number of immigrants entering the United States from El Salvador, it is not a surprising fact that you can also find the dish in that superpower country with relative ease. Since the first El Salvadoran immigrants resided the area of Washington, you might guess that it is the best place to taste the dish, and that is correct. But the pupusa from El Salvador is different from the pupusa made in the US; you can find it by seeing the dimension of both versions. The former is thinner and smaller compared to the latter, a typical way to differentiate a US-made dish with the dish where it originally comes from. The reason for this is that the ingredients needed to make the dish cost cheaper in the US, so it can be made to be bigger than the original counterpart.

What it is made of

Okay, now it is the time to answer what is pupusa made of. To start, you are fully aware that the dish is basically tortilla bread, are you not? Well, it means, the main ingredient you need first in order to make this dish is, guess what, corn flour! But actually, you need to refrain from using common corn flour since it would not give an authentic taste. Instead of common corn flour, you have to go to the market and purchase a special corn flour, which is masa harina. Don’t worry, if you live in the United States, you will not have any trouble finding that flour!

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You will find that the pupusa has a filling which is savory in terms of taste. There are many possible ingredients you can use to make the filling of a pupusa, so, in order to make the best of it, you will need to be as creative as possible. There are several pupusas created by various chefs which contain cheese or even sausage in it. The cheese filling becomes so popular in the United States; it makes an image that the dish must be filled with it. Although it is indeed one of the traditional filling of pupusa, it does not always have to contain cheese.  But if you wish for a more authentic taste for your pupusa, you can choose to use either beans or pork, or you can even mix them!

Is there any dish to accompany it? Well, although the pupusa can also be eaten by itself and without any side dish available, the dish itself is more commonly to be accompanied with curtido. If you ask what that is, then, the best explanation for it is that it is a kind of pickled cabbage. Also, the thing is fermented and has a significantly spicy taste. To make it, you just need a list of ingredients, which are cabbage, onions, carrot slices, oregano leaves, and people sometimes use lime juice to be mixed into it.

 To make a pupusa, you need to mix masa harina, salt, and flour to make its dough. After that, roll it into balls and fill those balls of dough with the savory filling (you can use a tablespoon of white cheese as the easiest ingredient). Now, press them to form them into disks, and put it into a frying pan which contains a few tablespoons of cooking oil. Wait for them to turn golden and take them away from the frying pan. After that, put them on a plate and serve them with curtido, although can serve them without it as well. Alright, that was the article about what is pupusa made of, as well as everything you need to know about the cuisine!