What Is The Springfield Armory Controversy

What Is The Springfield Armory Controversy

What is the Springfield Armory Controversy and Why Does it Matter?

Have you ever wondered what is the Springfield Armory controversy? Well, if you have, then this is probably your lucky day. We are going to tell you all you need to know about the Springfield Armory controversy, which is a pretty interesting story.

As you probably know, there are a lot of mass shootings that have been happening in the United States. Because of the many mass shooting cases, gun controversies developed around the world. One of the most memorable controversies surrounding this issue is the Springfield Armory controversy.

What is Springfield Armory Controversy?

So, let us tell you about the famous Springfield Armory Controversy. This controversy first appeared in 2018. And this controversy involves a gun manufacturer that has been around since Colonial America. Dick’s Sporting Goods is another company that is involved in this controversy.

The story started in May 2018 where Springfield Armory posted a message on Facebook. The message said that the company was parting ways with Dick’s Sporting Goods. The reason behind this is the fact that Dick’s Sporting Goods attempted to deny freedom in the Second Amendment. Because Springfield Armory was parting ways with Dick’s Sporting Goods, this gun manufacturer claimed that it will not continue its work with the sporting company. 

Unpacking the Decision

There are so many things that need to be unpacked in Springfield Armory’s decision. First of all, let’s talk about what Dick’s Sporting Goods did. After the Parkland shooting, which happened in February 2018, Dick’s Sporting Goods stopped selling semi-auto weapons in its stores. Other than that, this company stopped selling guns from 10 retailers. After that, the number of Dick’s Sporting Goods stores that stopped selling guns increased over time.

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Because of Dick’s Sporting Goods’ decision, Springfield Armory made a claim. The claim said that Dick’s Sporting Goods were trying to deny the sacred right to own a gun in America. This is the basics of the what is the Springfield Armory controversy that you need to know about.

Dick’s Sporting Goods’ CEO made a statement saying that the company wants to solve the gun problem in America. They said that gun violence was an epidemic that has taken the lives of so many people. These people include kids who were the future of the country. That is why Dick’s Sporting Goods decided to pull guns from their stores.

Springfield Armory and Controversies

Following the story, there is something that you might not know about Springfield Armory. This gun manufacturer has been known for controversies over the years. So, Springfield Armory is not a stranger to controversy. This includes the 2017 Illinois Gun Dealer Licensing Act, which has passed.

The United States and the Second Amendment

There are 110 gun bills currently under consideration by Congress. However, none of those bills involve a repeal of the Second Amendment. Some of these bills mention universal background checks, banning federal funds to arm teachers, banning assault weapons, and so many more.

You will also be able to find bills that use conservative measures such as concealed carry reciprocity. This means that you will be able to have a license to conceal carry in a state. This license will also be valid in other states in America.


The United States is never going to stay far away from gun controversies. Because of the mass shootings that have been happening in America, controversies surrounding guns are something that this country cannot avoid. Springfield Armory is one of the gun manufacturers that is not a stranger to controversies. With this explanation, you do not have to wonder what is the Springfield Armory controversy ever again.

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