What’s For Dinner Tonight Ideas? Try The Following Menus

What’s For Dinner Tonight Ideas? Try The Following Menus

What’s For Dinner Tonight Ideas

You sometimes get confused about finding the right tonight dinner ideas. The chosen menu are often junk food, street foods, or unhealthy food menus. When you want to cook it at home, you should find the healthiest food menus. However, you often get trapped in laziness and worrying about which you need much more time. What’s for dinner tonight ideas?. You can try the following dinner menus for your dinner with your family. All recommended menus are healthy and tasty.

Chinese Eggplant With Garlic Sauce

Do you love Chinese foods? You should choose this food menu. It has a Chinese taste so that it can meet your expectation of the Chinese foods. It can be a different tonight dinner idea on the dining table. To make this food menu, you should prepare some ingredients.


•    2-3 long eggplant, slice into a long shape or chopped

•    2 spoonful nut oil

•    4 big garlic, chopped it

•    1 spoonful chopped ginger

•    2-3 dried red chilies

•    4 leaves of the chopped celery

The Sauce Ingredients

•    2 spoonful of soybean

•    2 spoonful of sugar

•    1 spoonful of vinegar

•    1 spoonful of Shaoxing wine or dry sherry

•    1 teaspoon of sesame oil

How to Cook It

What’s for dinner tonight ideas to make it? You should conduct the following steps on cooking that tonight dinner menu.

1.    Mix all sauce ingredients into the bowl and take aside.

2.    Add one spoonful of nut oil and eggplant into the big pan on the medium flame. Saute it for minutes until it gets golden and the central part gets soft.

3.    Put the eggplant on the plate. Add one spoonful of nut oil to the pan. Add garlic, ginger, red chilies and cook it for minutes.

4.    Add eggplant and celeries. Mix and pour the sauce. Saute it for minutes until all vegetables are covered and add sesame oil.

5.    Turn off the flame and serve it with red or white rice.

What’s for dinner tonight ideas? You can serve that above dinner menu for your family. It tastes well and so delicious to eat.

Honey Ginger Salmon

Do you love honey? You like salmon. It is time to combine those ingredients into the delicious meal. What’s for dinner tonight ideas with those ingredients? You can make Honey Ginger Salmon on the dining table. It is very tasty and delicious to eat for your dinner.


•    4 slices of fillet salmon

•    2/3 cup of honey

•    2 spoonful of spicy

•    2 spoonful of low natrium soybean

•    1 inch of fresh ginger, grate it

•    2 garlic, chopped it

•    lime

The Sauce Ingredients

•    2 spoonfuls of lime water

•    2 spoonfuls of rice vinegar

•    ½ of purple cabbage

•    2 nectarine, slice it

•    1 cup of fresh cilantro, chopped it

•    2 carrots,

•    salt

How to Cook It

To make that dinner menu, you should obey the following steps. What’s for dinner tonight ideas to do with those ingredients?

1.    Heat the chicken on the high temperature

2.    Cover the salmon with sesame oil. Heat the pan with the medium flame.

3.    Mix honey, spicy, soybean, ginger, garlic, lime, and juice to the small bowl. Pour the sauce into the pan and let it boil for 2-3 minutes.

4.    Lift it from the flame and add the salmon. The skin side faces to the top. Put the pan on the oven and bake it for 3 minutes until the salmon skin is dried.

5.    Mix all ingredients for cabbage and lettuce and mix it well.

6.    Serve the salmon on the cabbage and pour extra sauce on the pan. Serve it well.

One-Pan Chicken Fajita Pasta

If you love pasta, it is time for you to cook a delicious pasta menu. What’s for dinner tonight ideas with the pasta? You can combine it with the chicken. It is called One-Pan Chicken Fajita Pasta. Try to cook it at home and prove the deliciousness of this menu.


•    1 pound of breast chicken without the skin, dry it and cut it into small bites

•    Fajita seasoning

•    4 spoonful of olive oil

•    1 medium red onion, cut it into dices

•    2 red peppers

•    5 garlic, chopped it