When did DNA testing come out?

About DNA Test You Should Know

When did DNA testing come out?

When did DNA testing come out? DNA test or also known as a genetic test is a procedure which is used in order to know the genetic information of a person. With a DNA test, a person is able to know their line of descent and also the risks of particular diseases.

DNA is the abbreviation of Deoxyribonucleic Acid. DNA forms the genetic materials found in a body of each person that is inherited from both parents. Below is the information you may want to know about DNA test.

Things You Have To Know Before Doing DNA Test

Before you do a DNA test, here are some things you have to know first.

  • No Force

A person should not be forced to do a DNA test. They have to be willing to do the test as they wish. It is because there is an ethic referenced from the international regulations. It is unethical if we take a sample of hair, teeth, or blood of a person to be used for a DNA test. If we want to do a DNA test or tell someone to do the test, we should follow the regulations and ethics which apply internationally.

  • The Cost is Relatively Expensive

DNA test is a biotechnology test so that the equipment and materials used are quite expensive. The equipment used have to be certificated with ISO 19075. The investment is expensive while the cases which need a person to do DNA test are still a few. This is why the cost we have to spend for DNA test is relatively expensive. Some people prefer to send their samples for a DNA test overseas because the cost is less expensive there.

  • The Results Come Out Within A Week To 3 Weeks
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The biotechnology checks the living goods in the form of cells so that sometimes there are several obstacles in the examination. If you are wondering when did DNA testing come out, the results come out within a week to 3 weeks. If the results are less convincing, it is possible that another DNA test will be performed by taking another sample. If the process faces no obstacle, the raw data will be quickly received and the examiner will make a conclusion by using a statistic calculation.

  • Arriving Together

It is suggested that the disputing people who want the DNA test to be performed arriving together since the consultation session until the results come out. In the consultation session, the disputing people will be told about the medical explanation. This way, the examiner will not be suspected to hide anything. Moreover, by arriving together, no one will suspect that another person will hide any secrets.

Genetic Diseases that Can Be Detected By DNA Test

There are various genetic diseases which are able to be detected by a DNA test. Here are some examples.

  • Alpha-antitrypsin Deficiency

Alpha-antitrypsin is a protein which is produced by the liver and beneficial to protect the lungs. In this disease, the patient experiences a lack of this protein so that a damage slowly happens in the liver and also the lungs.

  • Thalassemia

Thalassemia is a blood disorder that is inherited in the family, where the body abnormally produces hemoglobin. Hemoglobin has the function to bring oxygen inside the red blood cells. As the result, the patient with thalassemia tends to suffer from anemia.

  • Crohn Disease
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In Crohn disease, an inflammation happens inside the digestive tract which is able to cause a stomach pain, diarrhea, and also body weight loss. Other complications that can happen because of this illness are anemia and arthritis.

  • Cystic Fibrosis

This disorder is able to cause a mucus to be abnormally thicker in the organs of the body such as the digestive system, lungs, kidneys, and reproductive organs. As the result, the patient with cystic fibrosis experiences some problems in the respiratory and digestive system. They are also able to experience infertility and malnutrition.

  • Ovary Cancer, Breast Cancer, and Prostate Cancer

The risk of a person to have these 3 types of cancer is able to be known through a test of DNA. For example, a woman with the BRCA1 gene has a 55% to 65% risk of having breast cancer. While the woman without this gene generally has a risk of 12%.

  • Lactose Intolerance

This condition happens when the digestive system is not able to digest lactose. So that it is able to cause a stomachache, diarrhea, and also bloated.

  • Sickle Cell Anemia

This condition occurs when the red blood cells are not normally formed but are like a sickle. In a normal condition, the red blood cells function to bring the oxygen with the help from hemoglobin. While in the patient who is suffered from sickle cell anemia, the red blood cells are not able to bring enough oxygen to the entire body.

  • Down Syndrome

Down syndrome is a genetic condition that can cause a learning disability at a certain level and also a typical physical characteristic.

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Sampling for DNA Test

DNA test as a genetic examination is generally performed through the sampling of blood or tissue. Most sampling is using the blood from the veins, but there are also those who use saliva samples by wiping the inside of the mouth. For the fetuses in the womb, DNA testing is done by taking the amniotic fluid through an amniocentesis procedure, or through chorionic villus which takes the placental tissue samples. What you have to know is, those 2 types of test on the fetuses have the risk of making the mother to experience a miscarriage. Discuss with the doctor first if you are asked to do those procedures.

The samples then will be sent to the laboratory for the examination. It will need about a week to 3 weeks for when did DNA testing come out. The cost of a DNA test is varied, depends on the type and the hard level of the test itself.

Those are the information about DNA test and answer about when did DNA testing come out.