Which Eoc Configuration Aligns With The On Scene Incident Organization

EOC and the Configuration to Align with the On-Scene Organization

Which Eoc Configuration Aligns With The On Scene Incident Organization

Which EOC configuration aligns with the on scene incident organization? EOC or Emergency Operation Center can refer to many things. However, in terms of incident management, it is defined as a place for information and resource management. It is support for the accidental treatments in a certain location.

In other words, EOC is centered in a particular spot in which the government coordinates all the related institutions or organizations. It is followed by the government make an executive decision. Sure, it plays very important roles mainly in responding to all the disasters, incidents, and accidents. It is also designed to protect the victims as well as manage the staff who works in the location.

Purposes of EOC

management system

As it is a spot to collaborate where the government becomes the center of the management system, EOC has some purposes. First, it integrates all the facilities, devices, procedures, and communication systems. If all the components mentioned above are integrated well, small errors and mistakes can be prevented also. Sure, problems like the lack of aid, the increase of victims, and more are expected to stop.

Second, EOC makes all the parties involved more purposeful. When there are accidents and disasters, undeniably, there must be many organizations involved across the nation. Unfortunately, their involvement may not work well if they are not centered in one location. Each of the organization may have its own purpose that can be different, or at least, not synched well from one to another.

The presence of EOC is to prevent that problem. Since the beginning the disaster is announced, it commands all the relevant organizations to gather and propose the main purposes. Since EOC must have been filled by professionals, it should not be a problem for them to provide solutions and treatments only in a short time.

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Third, the EOC is established for supporting the victims as well as giving solutions to them. Many disasters remain severe victims to concern. They may lose their houses, families, and more. Therefore, supports must be given to them as soon as possible mentally and physically. This is the final purpose of EOC after the two others have been achieved.

It is reasonable. In a disaster area, the victims are not only adults. There are also children to concern more. EOC itself also works to manage support like in the forms of medication, consumption, and even mental support by providing psychiatrists. It is expected that after the disaster, all the victims can live normally as before. Or at least, the support can minimize the damage.

Understanding Hazard Potency

Hazard potency refers to types of disaster that probably happen in a particular country or area. Of course, every area has its own potency to know well by the government. Some countries are more prone to natural disasters like earthquake, flood, tsunami, and more. Besides, in some other countries, although their natural conditions are relatively saver, war and conflicts can be done all the time.

It should be homework for the government from the beginning to understand hazard potency. Therefore, when the country is located in an area with such potency, an EOC must be established as soon as possible. Even before the hazard even happens, related organizations must have been called out to join. The structure of the organization must be developed. This way, once an unexpected disaster has happened, solutions can just be found much faster.

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There are some conditions that are under the supervisor of EOC. What are they?

First, it is natural disasters. Some events that are in the category of natural disasters are earthquakes, tsunami, volcano eruption, flood, landslide, drought, pandemic, fire, and others. Their status turns into national disasters when they cause major damage in a certain area with numerous victims whether dead or wounded. Additionally, the damage also refers to environmental damage and destroyed buildings.

Second, it is about the humanity disaster commonly caused by war. Yes, whether regional or national war, the government must concern with it by establishing EOC. Unfortunately, EOC cannot be built up simply in a conflict area since the government is also commonly involved in it. Ideally, no matter how the situation is, it is the duty of the government to bring extra protection to society.

People Vulnerability

Another reason why EOC is a very important part of a nation is because of people’s vulnerability. Vulnerability refers to the characters of people that don’t enable them to face disasters or threats. There are at least 4 types of vulnerability. They are Physical, Economic, Social, and Environmental.

Physical vulnerability refers to vulnerability owned by society in terms of resistance in facing a certain disaster. For example, if you are living in coastal areas, your house must be resistant to earthquakes and tsunami. Meanwhile, the economic vulnerability is that the economic situation of the situation determines their ability to face the disaster. The poor, they cannot handle the disaster and all the effects well because they just have not good financial support to do it.

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Next, there is the social vulnerability that includes the education and knowledge level. The lower the level is, their ability to face and handle the disaster is also getting worse. Lastly, it is the environmental vulnerability. For people who live in the dry area, they will always be threatened by drought.

Which EOC Configuration Aligns with the On Scene Incident Organization?

It is clear enough that EOC involved so many aspects to make sure that the disaster along with the effects can be managed well. However, which kind of configuration aligns with the incident organization on-scene? The answer is a configuration with an ICS or ICS-like EOC structure. ICS itself stands for Incident Command System. The organization with an ICS structure has passed through some ICS trainings, making them more capable of managing the incident on-scene.

People involved in the ICS organization must pass some qualifications before they are accepted. Yes, managing the incident area on-scene is indeed more difficult. They must make a report to the government the details of the incident. Unfortunately, the details themselves can be changed from time to time which cause further problems. This is one of the matters involved in the training of ICS organizations.