Which Of The Following Is A Step In The Communication Process?

Which Of The Following Is A Step In The Communication Process

What You Should Know About Microsoft PowerPoint

Do you have difficulty in a communication process? Well, this problem commonly happens when you have to present information or a report in front of the people. Some of you maybe not worried about this, but for some people, this thing can be a disaster for them. The ability to speak in front of people is crucial nowadays. Which of the following is a step in the communication process? This is because when you have a strong ability in speaking, you can persuade everyone to hear your ideas and influence them to do a thing that you want them to follow you. So, do you already had this ability?

One of the tools that were launched by Microsoft to help everyone in a communication process is Microsoft PowerPoint or called as PPT. In this article, we will talk about Microsoft PowerPoint in detail. So, are you ready for this? And here it is.

The Brief Explanation of Microsoft PowerPoint

Microsoft PowerPoint is one of the applications from Microsoft which commonly used in the presentation, whether in business presentation, school material, college assignment, paper, etc. This application is a program that was developed by Dennis Austin and Thomas Rudkin, which both of them are work in Forethought Inc. Firstly, this application is not called as MS PowerPoint but known as Presenter. By using powerpoint, it is expected that the audiences will be easily in understanding what the speaker means in a meeting, a class, seminar, workshop, etc. There are so many features from powerpoint such as the users can put the data in the form of text, picture, video, and audio. Besides that, PPT also equipped with the features of animation which make the slides or the display of the material will be more comfortable to look at. This is why PPT in which of the following is a step in the communication process.

The Benefits of Microsoft PowerPoint

Not only known as one of the best applications to present information, PPT also has so many benefits. And here are the benefits of Microsoft PowerPoint. The first one is to raise confidence. From the official page of Microsoft, it is said that PPT was made to make us more confidence. The second one is to help to design the slide more attractive. PPT not only present words and numbers but also equipped with so many interesting features. The users can attach some pictures and graphics to their slides. Besides that, the users can add a song and a video on the slide. PPT also provides attractive templates that you can choose as you want. The third one is to make the audience more focus on the information that has been displayed. Microsoft PowerPoint only displays the main points from the information that will be delivered. This thing can be related to the audience which is more interested and focuses on receiving the information. The explanation of the information filled with pictures and audio can increase the interest and focus of the audience. The fourth one is PPT files can be exported to PDF. With the availability of this feature, every audience can see the documents that have been shared. Besides that, the export feature file into PDF is really useful if you want to print the sides of the file. And PDF itself is always supported by any platform so that you can print it through any platform and any machine. The fifth one is the various template. A template is one of the features available in PPT. A template can be used as a background to beautify the display of your presentation. Not only one, but there are the other backgrounds that provided by PPT. Therefore, users can create their slides more creative and not only focus on one display only. That is why MS PowerPoint in which of the following is a step in the communication process.

These are the explanation of Microsoft PowerPoint in a brief and the benefits of Microsoft PowerPoint that you can get while you used this application to present your material or information. And from this matter,

Microsoft PowerPoint has a role in which of the following is a step in the communication process.