Windows Can’t Communicate With The Device Or Resource

How to fix “windows can’t communicate with the device or resource”? 

You will receive a message problem of the main server of DNS or windows can’t communicate with the device or resource”. This error will be found when you try to connect via wireless or Ethernet so that you can’t access the internet. It happens unable to connect by you’re the provider of internet service. It relates to IPv4 or IPv6 that setting on your computer should be accurately.  Other reasons are caused by a faulty driver, PC junk or malicious software. Thus, you should find how to fix the windows can’t communicate with the device and resource. Here are all the simple solutions present to this problem:

Before you check the solutions below, you try to disable the server proxy. If you use the limited of internet in official institution, you have to follow the instruction given to you.  

Step to solve the problem by changing the setting of Internet protocol 4 and 6

There are two kinds of internet protocol namely internet protocol version 4 (IPv4) and internet protocol version 6 (IPv6). IPv4 is a protocol that used for on Ethernet whereas IPv6 is the most sophisticated and awesome quality features than IPv4. It can be provided with an unlimited to use the protocol version. This step will change both the setting on your laptop or computer.

  1.  Press the Windows + R, then you should type the menu of control panel
  2. After you enter control panel, you should click the menu of network and internet
  3. Then, select the Network and sharing centre and will show another dialogue box
  4. You have to click the connections menu 
  5. Don’t forget to find properties that show at the bottom of small window
  6. Double-click on TCP or IPv4, then you set both option to get automatically an IP of address and get address pf server DNS
  7. Click OK to keep changes. Click on TCP/IPv6, do the instruction as mentioned before and Press OK
  8. Check the connection, what is connection work well? And you can access the internet.

To solve the problem: you can use the command prompt to reset settings of the connection

Another solution, you can check the connection by using the command prompt. You will set the configuration of your laptop or computer.

  1. Find the search menu and type command prompt. You will find it 
  2. Click the run as administrator 
  3. You should follow the commands step by step: start to type (1) ipconfig/ flushdns (2) ipcofig/registerdns (3) ipconfig/release. The las type (4) ipconfig/renew in command prompt
  4. Leave the dialogue box of command prompt
  5. Restart the computer and check the internet connection.

Third solution: Reset TCP/IP

Sometimes, you will get an error message like windows can’t communicate with the device or resource. Perhaps, the TCP/IP may have been broken. TCP/IP is the first components to the operating system so that the internet can connect successfully. We should try to reset the TCP/IP on your computer. However, you have to download the Microsoft tool to make an internet connection.

  1. Open the website of Microsoft and download the software or program 
  2. Then, double-click on the file that has downloaded
  3.  Following the installation instruction