Word Cannot Open The Document: User Does Not Have Access Privileges – How to solve

Word Cannot Open The Document: User Does Not Have Access Privileges - How to solve

How to solve “word cannot open the document: user does not have access privileges”?

Microsoft word refers to the document that has a function to read and write. You can use Microsoft word to finish your work well relates to document such as to do the assignment, paper etc. sometimes, you will face the problems where you cannot open a word file. You would face the word cannot open the document: user does not have access privileges.

This error message means you do not have the right to access or open the file. The reason why this error happens because you already move the files from one laptop or computer to another laptop. Besides, when you protect the file by using a password. Is there any solution to resolve the problem? Here are the lists of solutions to this error message such as change the permission of word file, delete the personal information etc.

Solution #1: you need to get the permission of word file

The word cannot open the document: user does not have access privileges message shown if your file or document had been kept or save with the permission. When you want to access a word file you need permission to access the file. Generally, it has a function to check the real user. There is step by step when you need the opportunity to change file permission:

  1. If the error message “cannot open word document: user does not have access privileges” right-click on the error message.
  2. Find the properties menu and will show a dialogue box
  3. Choose the Security tab and clock on the advanced
  4. Then, choose the principal and find the permissions.
  5. Choose and click the authenticated users
  6. Continue with OK
  7. You might check the full control and OK. It is to see the document already can access again.

Solution #2: delete the properties and detail of personal information 

If the first solution still cannot open the file, you have to move the second solution, delete the personal information. Many users face the error message can open word file because they try to delete all personal information.

Follow these instructions to solve the problem: firstly, you need to click in the document and find the properties menu. You will be shown the dialogue box and choose the detail tab. In the dialogue box of detail tab, there is a detail section menu. Choose to delete all the properties and personal information. Do not forget to change the detail of personal information. After finishing, you already click the “create a copy with all possible properties deleted or removed”. Click OK and now you should try open the word file.

Solution #3: try to save the word document to the hard drive

Sometimes, the word cannot open the document because of the hard drive so that perhaps you can move or copy the document to the hard drive. The step is you need right-click the word file, move or copy the word file in another location to save the file. Then, check again if this solution can help you or not.

Solution #4: using the Anti-Virus software 

There are many anti-viruses can make the word cannot open the document: user does not have privileges. Anti-virus generally can cause or protect the document or file because each anti-virus has own protection method to protect or not the file automatically. You can check the document is it included in the protected list of anti-virus software or not? Then, you have to restart the laptop or computer. Finally, do not forget to check the word file again.

Solution #4: document recovery through diskinternals 

The first step, if the word file is not accessed, you can recover by using the diskinternal. Diskinternal is a program or software to help you in solving this problem. You can download the software. The error message like a word cannot open the document: user does not have access privileges happened because the computer is not sure that you have authorized the user and you had forgotten the password. So, this software can help you.

The following step to use the diskinternal recovery for word file: firstly you should download the program, then, you will be chosen a disk to scan. You choose the word file that cannot open. Wait until process and preview. Then, you try to recover. You will be asked for a license key. Then, you can use this software to open your word file.