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Microsoft Encourages the World Go to Bing

Bing is a website search engine under the banner of Microsoft. World go to is a form of reincarnation by Microsoft of the three previous production search engines, namely Live Search, Windows Live Search, and MSN Search. This new search engine product was officially launched on June 3, 2009. This search engine’s purpose is to replace the previous search engine, the Live Search. It was developed and created using a technology, namely PowerSet technology. This technology allows users to obtain more accurate search results.

In addition, World go to Bing is equipped with the ability to store and share historical searches via Windows Skydrive, Facebook, and e-mail. Bing groups searches by four categories, namely:

• Web to search web pages or websites.

• Images for image search.

• News for news searches.

• xRank for searching for who and what is most sought after by Bing users.

World Go To bing com – The advantages possessed by Bing include:

• Varied background images

When accessing the front page of the World go to site on a different day, the display of the background image used will also change.

• Instant Answer Facility

This facility is one of the performance innovations that has been successfully developed and integrated into the system to enable World go to Bing to provide answers. In addition, another performance that is owned by Bing is the ability he has in interpreting a sentence of questions even to the things related to problems in the field of mathematics or calculation.

• Image or video search results can be displayed and filtered in detail

If a user searches for a site or web page that contains image content, then Bing is able to present a specific and detailed list of search results. The search results are displayed in the form of thumbnails that can be enlarged or reduced by utilizing facilities such as Zoom, which is further divided into Zoom small, Zoom medium, Zoom large, and also accompanied by Show image details. This show image details function in presenting a thumbnail image and information about the image.

• The detail box on the search results link

If on other search engine sites, users must click on the link displayed on the page to find out the contents. However, in this Bing, users do not need to click the link again, but only need to hover over the link to display the detail box. Through this detail box the user can catch a glimpse of information about the link.

• Bing Maps display is more interactive

Bing Maps has fast loading access. In addition, users can also change the presentation of geographical maps into a variety of appearance modes. World go to Bing Maps can also allow users to display multiple areas or areas in three dimensions.

• Related Searches facilities

The intelligence of the search system owned by Bing is shown by not only displaying a list of sites, web pages, or links related to the keywords entered. However, users will also find a variety of options as alternatives that can be chosen via the Related Searches sidebar. The purpose of this feature is to enrich the search performed.

• Smart Video preview facility

Speed of access and loading is a special advantage owned by Bing, even for video file content though. Microsoft as the developer of this site emphasizes that users only need to wait no more than 30 seconds to be able to preview a song via Bing Videos. The buffering system speed that is integrated into the Bing Videos directory is able to play a video show in an instant just by hovering the cursor into the desired video player box.

However, according to data from Microsoft reported by Bloomberg, Microsoft, owner of Bing, gets USD 7.5 billion annually from search ads on Bing’s web. This figure is just a reminder compared to Google, which produces USD 120 billion per year. But for Microsoft, this figure is higher than LinkedIn and also the Surface computer line.

For example, Microsoft makes the World go to a ‘search box’ on Windows-based computers and also in Office software. PC owners with Windows will eventually consciously or unconsciously always use Bing.

In addition, Bing also handles searches and advertisements on Yahoo, AOL, and a row of internet properties from Verizon Communications Inc. It is undeniable, internet traffic on the web is quite high, all of which increase Bing usage and lift World go to ad revenue.